Walter C. Youngman Jr.
Partner, Attorney-CPA

Walt Youngman is the founding partner of the law firm of Youngman & Ericsson.Mr. Youngman is an acknowledged...

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Reed K. Scott
Partner, Attorney-MBA, LL.M (Tax)

Reed K. Scott is an Equity Partner in Youngman Ericsson Scott, LLP. Reed's practice areas include Asset Protection & Estate Planning,...

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Jay Suen
Attorney - CPA

Jay Suen assists mid-to-high net worth individuals and families with designing and implementing their estate plans using a combination...

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Daniel Roberts

Daniel N. Roberts is an associate attorney, whose practice areas include estate and tax planning...

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Derrick B. Smith
Legacy Planning Director

Derrick is exclusively available to Youngman Ericsson Scott, LLP clients to ensure your assets are properly...

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Maudie Sullivan
Firm Administrator &
Certified Tax Preparer

Maudie has a strong sense of community with the firm's clients and takes pride in the ...

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Dani Altes

Dani is a paralegal at Youngman & Ericsson, having joined the firm in 2006, bringing with her over 30 years experience...

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Allen Saylor
Legal Secretary

Allen Saylor began working for Youngman Ericsson Scott, LLP in 2018...

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