Managing Partner Reed Scott is not only noted estate and asset planning attorney and tax lawyer, but also author of two bestselling asset protection books, written in layman’s language. You’ll find no legal jargon – Reed’s books are full of clear and concise points, lively anecdotes and more than a pinch of humor. Reed is available for speaking engagements and book signings – please contact us to make arrangements.




California Asset Protection Guide

(The NON-Legalese California Business Owner’s & Professional’s Guide to Asset Protection & Tax Planning)


California is the most litigious state in the Union, according to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), but business owners and professionals need not fear! Finally, respected tax and asset protection attorney Reed Scott provides a no-nonsense, practical book specifically for the California business owner and professional. Learn how California asset protection is unique and why not knowing your options can destroy your business and family in an instant. Topics covered include:

• How to protect your business from employee or customer lawsuits;
• How to protect your personal investments from lawsuits or attachment;
• How to protect your business and personal real estate from creditor claims;
• How to protect your professional practice and personal assets from patient or client lawsuits;
• Why liability or malpractice insurance offers limited protection;
• Why limited liability companies, partnerships, and corporations are not the best form of asset protection; and
• Your unique California asset protection rights that most people are not aware of.


Estate Planning is Dead!

Asset Protection Planning is Alive and Well
(A Consumer’s Guide to Modern Estate Planning)


Death and taxes are what most traditional estates plan for, but they often do nothing to protect your family from things that are actually destroying wealth and health. Read this book to learn why modern estate planning is more about asset protection than ever before and discover how to protect:
~Your assets from devastating healthcare costs!
~Your estate from changes in the tax law!
~Yourself and your spouse from predators!
~Your family from remarriages and divorces!
~Your grandchildren from losing their inheritance!




Coming Soon!

Retirement Account Riches
Using the Tricks of the Tax Code to Turn $500,000 into a Thirty Million Dollar Family Legacy!