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A key to our law firm success is listening to our customers

Youngman Ericsson Scott, LLP is a law firm emphasizing tax, trusts and estates, business, asset protection, family law and real estate matters.


Regarded as the premier regional law firm for both cutting-edge tax and estate planning, as well as federal tax controversies, family law matters, business asset protection and litigation, our attorneys take pride in their ability to listen, counsel, and execute. Whether it is during the preparation of a simple estate plan or a complex corporate merger, a sensitive divorce or custody battle, our attorneys share the uncommon ability to explain conceptually difficult legal principles in a straightforward manner.


Most importantly, though, is that the firm’s boutique size allows us to forge and maintain lasting professional relationships with clients that oftentimes span decades. Our attorneys provide the same top-quality services as the big firms but without removing the important human element from the equation. And at Youngman Ericsson Scott, LLP we believe this makes all the difference.


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